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I took my first picture when I was 12 years old, in the days contact sheets  were used to choose the pictures you were going to spend hours and sometime days developing in the darkroom.

The long days in the lab or waiting for weeks for your fabulous, quite expensive Kodachrome "grainless" slides to get back have been replaced by the almost instantaneous gratification of digital photography, -and I love it:
being able to enjoy "taking" the picture as much as the post-processing and also discovering details that normally go unseen if not photographed is a modern day privilege.

I am into portrait photography and have a preference for candids searching not only for "likeness" in my subjects, but also a glimpse into their character and thoughts.

My landscapes and built environment photography are a more reflective and leisurely pursuit.

I discovered airshow photography late in life but it has been one of the more intense and rewarding photographical experiences I've had. My style is more about planes performing their dance against the backdrop of dramatic skies.

When I recently decided to set up my online portfolio and after trawling through my collection I discovered I had a penchant for backlit photography that goes back to my Kodachrome days. Nowadays with almost glare-proof lenses and high-dynamic-range sensors, backlit photographs can sometimes be quite dramatic and "different"; after all, we are not used to looking into bright light.

Please do contact me if you wish to find out more about my photographs.

Thanks for dropping by.


Portrait of photographer richrd r schünemann

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